The Business Casual Version

We're living in highly productive times, but that doesn't mean everyone's working longer hours to get more done - nor should they! In fact, the old adage "work smarter, not harder" is motivating better delegation and outsourcing practices.

Working smarter means prioritizing tasks by keeping the things that only you can do and letting go of tasks that others can do as well or better.

I like to break it down by genius work and not-genius work. 

Genius work includes all the tasks and activities people ask you to do because of your expertise or specialist knowledge. If it's part of your individual job mandate, you can't always choose to delegate those items - especially not strategic and managerial requirements.

On the not-genius side, you can find a lot to delegate. From administrivial paperwork that can go to an assistant, to a multitude of tasks freelancers can do - such as writing or design work. If the work doesn't fall under the category of items only you can do, you can reclaim time by giving it to someone else.

Don't get bogged down and overwhelmed by work you can hand off to someone else. Look for opportunities to spread the load and show how much you value the contributions of people on your team.