The Conversational Version

How many times have you done something you don't like or don't have skills to do just because you didn't think you could afford to hire someone?

If you're like most of the small business owners I talk to, you probably lost count long ago. 

The problem comes when you spend so much time doing things that other people are trained for and skilled at that you don't have time to do the actual work you get paid to do for clients and customers.

Seeing the price tag on freelance work and consulting contracts can be a little startling at first. But you have to remember you're paying for top notch expertise to do occasional work. And, if you're smart about who you hire and what you have them do, you'll like the results.

The big question: Are you really saving anything if the work takes you five times longer than the experts? Or is it costing you more than you realize?

After all, when you're not struggling to finish tasks you aren't interested in or knowledgeable about, you'll be free to do the work you were meant to do.