The Corporate Version

Delegating (or outsourcing) is one of the most cost-effective ways to reclaim your time. As a business owner, senior leader or decision maker in your organization, you need to have the right people to take on tasks that need to be completed. Relying on subject matter experts and niche specialists means you can focus on the important aspects of managing your own work and flow of tasks. 

It's a common misconception that it's cheaper and easier to just do it yourself. However, if you aren't skilled in the area you need help - for example, writing - the time it takes to complete even simple tasks multiplies quickly. An effective litmus test for determining the need to delegate or outsource work can be taken with these questions:

  1. Is the task something that only you can perform?
  2. Does it fall under your individual job responsibilities?
  3. Are there higher priority tasks you should be doing instead?

Prioritizing work is a crucial leadership skill. Knowing when to delegate or outsource shows your team that you value your time and trust them to complete mission-critical work assignments.