Words matter. They have the power to teach, to influence, and provoke. Individual words don't always have an impact. But put them together with other words to convey ideas and information accurately and it leaves an impression. It's like putting together a thousand-piece puzzle. The process can start out messy, but when the last piece is laid in place, you have a sense of pride, relief and joy in the outcome.

I'm a resourceful, detail-oriented strategic marketer who's passionate and knowledgeable about creating effective content with a strong focus on storytelling. Stories, rather than formulaic content, grab the audience's attention and help them relate more closely to the content being presented. Formulaic content is useful for reference and sharing useful information, but it doesn't have the power to create a connection. Finding a new angle to look at old thoughts and ideas can mobilize and excite the audience into taking action. 

As a worker, I use each new task in every project to learn new, and sharpen existing, skills. I try to be helpful to others and remain calm under pressure while generating high-quality, thorough work product. My strong writing skills and knowledge of the technical aspects of social media and online marketing would be an asset to any organization.