What will your audience see in your words?

The style and tone of your content help add colour and texture to the big picture of your business. These are the most common style choices and how they can be used in content you produce to show your expertise.

Notice how the same information is conveyed in each style.

Just like the clothes you wear everyday, the words you use should be the right fit and feel good.


Imagine you're sitting in a coffee shop with a non-industry friend, having a chat about your work. The words you use and the way you share are on a different level than how you'd talk with colleagues. You tend to avoid, or at least explain, jargon or terminology that isn't obvious.

Business Casual

Chatting with your colleagues about work and industry trends can seem casual, but inevitably you slip in terms and acronyms that everyone knows without explaining them. You might speak in a slightly more formal manner because of the work setting as well. This style tends to feel most comfortable for businesses.


Professional services firms, such as accountants, lawyers, financial services, government and consultants tend to speak fluent corporate. This tone tends to be formal and generally includes more industry jargon, legalese and greater complexity in the way the writing is structured.